Boost Your eBay Sales with Cassini: Proven Techniques for Better Search Results

eBay Cassini is a search engine used by eBay to help buyers find the items they're looking for. It's named after the Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini, who discovered four of Saturn's moons.

Cassini is a complex algorithm that takes into account many factors when determining which listings to display in search results. In addition to the factors I listed earlier, Cassini also considers factors such as the relevance of the item's category, the number of items the seller has sold, and the seller's eBay store performance.

One important thing to keep in mind is that eBay's search algorithm is constantly evolving. eBay regularly updates and refines Cassini to improve the user experience and ensure that buyers are finding the items they're looking for. This means that sellers need to stay on top of changes to the algorithm and adjust their strategies accordingly.

With that in mind, let's dive deeper into some of the key factors that Cassini considers when determining search results:

Title and Description

One of the most important factors in eBay's search algorithm is the title and description of the listing. eBay's algorithm is designed to match buyer search queries to the most relevant listings, so including relevant keywords in your title and description is crucial.

When crafting your title and description, it's important to think like a buyer. Consider what keywords a buyer might use to search for your item and make sure to include those keywords in your title and description. However, it's important to avoid keyword stuffing, which can actually hurt your visibility in search results. Instead, focus on using keywords in a natural and organic way that accurately reflects your item.

Seller Performance

Another important factor in eBay's search algorithm is the seller's performance on the platform. eBay wants to ensure that buyers have a positive experience on the platform, so it takes into account factors such as your feedback rating, shipping time, and overall customer satisfaction.

To improve your seller performance, focus on providing excellent customer service, shipping items quickly, and addressing any issues promptly. Make sure to communicate with buyers throughout the transaction and be responsive to any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, it's important to keep your shipping and handling time as short as possible to improve your seller performance.


Pricing is another key factor in eBay's search algorithm. eBay wants to ensure that buyers are getting a good value for their money, so it factors in the price of the item, including shipping costs, when determining search results.

To optimize your pricing strategy, it's important to research the competition and price your items competitively. Make sure to also factor in shipping costs when setting your price. Additionally, consider offering free shipping to improve your visibility in search results.

Item Location

Another factor that Cassini takes into account is the location of the item in relation to the buyer. eBay wants to ensure that buyers are able to receive their items quickly and efficiently, so it factors in the distance between the buyer and seller when determining search results.

To improve your item's visibility in search results, consider offering local pickup or using eBay's Global Shipping Program to make your items available to buyers around the world.

Buyer Behavior

Finally, eBay's search algorithm takes into account the buyer's behavior on the platform. Cassini tracks the buyer's search history and past purchases to deliver more personalized search results.

To take advantage of this factor, consider using eBay's Promotions Manager to offer targeted promotions to buyers who have shown interest in your items in the past. Additionally, make sure to offer a wide range of related items to encourage buyers to purchase multiple items from your store.

In conclusion, eBay's Cassini search algorithm is a powerful tool that can help sellers increase their visibility and drive more sales on the platform. By understanding the factors that Cassini considers and optimizing your listings accordingly, you can improve your chances of success on