How to Rank Higher on eBay search result

Having your listing items at the top of eBay search results is not an easy task. Many factors contribute to product ranking on eBay. It is very important to keep the listing strategy in mind in order to rank the item at the top of the search results. Otherwise, the listed products will remain invisible to customers and product sales will be lost.

Previously it was easy to optimize lists to rank high in search results, but today, as technology is innovating day by day, sellers keep up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, and accordingly. The list needs to be adjusted and enhanced. Many e-commerce platforms are already beginning to use techniques such as artificial intelligence as algorithms. As smart engines are incorporated into the e-commerce business, sellers need to keep up with these new technologies to avoid future pain.

Here are some of the best practices that play an important role in your sales strategy:

1) Keywords and Titles.
Identifying the right keywords is the most important task to accomplish. Product keywords are easy to use, so from the customer’s point of view, think that way and search for each product with the keyword that comes to your mind first.
The title should be beautiful and user-friendly, and it is important to use relevant keywords. Titles help drive heavy traffic to your eBay list.
Although the algorithm is set, this strategy is unavoidable and can help you rank your product list.

2) Include multiple, high quality and detailed images:
The search engine analyzes product images by analyzing the number of photos and the product information they convey. Therefore, when placing a product at the top of the list, it is important to use high-quality images that contain detailed information about the product.

When placing additional images on your listing template. Make sure you utilize the “alt text” attribute. The alt attribute is an alternative means to convey information that is otherwise only provided visually in images or icons. It also helps with indexing by adding keywords within your description.

3) Properly using eBay categories
Choosing relevant categories is very important because it directly affects your search results and helps shoppers find your product. If you select the wrong category, your customers will not be able to find you. Therefore, you should list the products in categories accordingly and the list should match the algorithm.

4) Detailed product descriptions:
Avoid using irrelevant information, as search engines only read a certain amount of information per page. eBay recommends writing a 200-word description for a particular product. Therefore, it is important to write extensively about your product so that the buyer can learn more about your product and proceed to purchase immediately. You can use texts such as “Visit my shop” and “See more” to get your customers’ attention.

5) Easy and free shipping and return policy:
Free shipping and return policies are considered an important element of eBay’s search ranking system. Here are some of eBay’s best practices for providing hassle-free shipping and returns policies:

We recommend that you provide free shipping to your buyers.
Processing time should not exceed one day.
According to eBay’s recommendations, a 30-day return right is required.
We recommend that you avoid restocking fees.

If you’ve used all of the above strategies and still can’t view your list in a compelling way, it still won’t help your listing. Improperly designed listing can limit your success as an eBay seller. Therefore, it is really important that your listing looks professional and reliable, and that the products listed are unique. The quality of the listing can really affect your eBay ranking. We recommend using a listing template. The eBay Listing template is a professional design layout that you can use when listing items on eBay. It helps you achieve a professional and consistent look on your eBay list while allowing you to quickly and easily add new products to your platform. Well-designed professional-looking eBay templates can transform your listing to attract customers while improving SEO. These templates can give your listing a more professional look, thereby increasing the trust of your buyers. You can achieve all these by using Box-template. Start your free trial by clicking this link.